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Paula Draws is now Artwork by Paula

Artwork by Paula specialises in unique artwork, fine art prints, greeting cards, postcards, and colouring books inspired by music, the arts, pop culture and much more.

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"I am so happy with the beauftiful drawing that brings back a very special moment every time I look at it. Paula is an amazing artist and I couldn’t be more pleased. Will definitely be back for more."
- Tina Fisher
"So thankful to gift my Momma with a portrait of my beloved brother Geof Gaines. Paula Hightower captured his effervescent joy right here."
- Daina Gaines
"Excellent work, was really happy. Great value for money, will definitely be back again."
- Janice Sole
"Milo now takes pride of place. Thank you Paula, you’ve captured him perfectly."
- Pauline Edwards