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Learning to Draw

Jan 28th, 2019

Even when you have lots of experience at something, you never stop learning. I sometimes like to turn to online courses and other artists for inspiration and to learn new techniques. I highly recommend the learning resources listed below whether you are just starting to learn to draw or if you already have experience with it.

The Ultimate Drawing Course - Beginner to Advanced

This course is great for all levels and covers everything from the basic fundamentals of drawing to perspective and shading. Exercises are an important part of the course, where you must practice drawing a variety of subjects including the human face, human figure, landscapes and buildings. People who purchase this course also get access to a Facebook page where fellow students can share their artwork and get critiques if needed. I found this course helpful, as when I took it, I hadn't drawn in several years and just wanted to refresh my skills and get back into practice. 

The Pen and Ink Experience

I took this course when I decided I wanted to get into pen and ink drawing. This medium has come to be my favorite so far. This course covers everything from different ways to create textures to creating portraits and landscapes. I stumbled across a really good video on Youtube which demonstrates ink drawing of a portrait of a little boy. I watched this one several times to get into this technique and eventually ended up purchasing their entire pen and ink course.

Darrel Tank's Five Pencil Method

As with the Pen and Ink Experience, I initially found out about this one on Youtube. Darrel Tank offers quite a variety of free video lessons on Youtube which I spent a lot of time watching and practicing with before I ended up purchasing access to his complete selection of courses. These include live lessons each week where you work right along with him on your project. His way of training really resonated with me because he really takes the time to explain everything in depth so you really understand why he uses the technique that he does and how even the tiniest details can make your piece really stand out from the rest. He's also very interactive on his website as well as the Facebook page (available to members) and seems to really love sharing his gift with others. He is probably the very best artist of his style that I have ever seen. He truly inspires me.

I hope that you find these resources helpful should you be interested in learning how to draw, or just perfecting your existing skills. I have personally found them all a huge help to myself.

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"I am so happy with the beauftiful drawing that brings back a very special moment every time I look at it. Paula is an amazing artist and I couldn’t be more pleased. Will definitely be back for more."
- Tina Fisher
"So thankful to gift my Momma with a portrait of my beloved brother Geof Gaines. Paula Hightower captured his effervescent joy right here."
- Daina Gaines
"Excellent work, was really happy. Great value for money, will definitely be back again."
- Janice Sole
"Milo now takes pride of place. Thank you Paula, you’ve captured him perfectly."
- Pauline Edwards