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I am Paula, a portrait artist that creates quality custom ink and pencil portraits that you will cherish forever.

I can draw a portrait of anyone you like: people, pets and animals, such as family, friends, dear departed ones, your favourite celebrity, your best furry friend, your children, even people together who've never met. Just send me a photo or photos and I'll make it a reality for you. I specialise in pencil or ink portraits of people and animals. See pricing for more info.

I also offer a growing collection of unique t-shirts made from my own ink drawings. There is something for everyone there, themes include famous faces, humour, weird stuff and designs for children too! Visit my shop.

What People are Saying...

"I am so happy with the beauftiful drawing that brings back a very special moment every time I look at it. Paula is an amazing artist and I couldn’t be more pleased. Will definitely be back for more."

- Tina Fisher

"My friend was so impressed with the drawing. Thank you so much , was a lovely present for his birthday."

- Tina B.

"Fantastic job, quick response, wonderful birthday gift for husband!"

- Kathy F.

"Excellent work, was really happy. Great value for money, will definitely be back again."

- Janice Sole

"Milo now takes pride of place. Thank you Paula, you’ve captured him perfectly."

- Pauline Edwards

"Paula's portrait of Bryan Ferry perfectly captured one of my favorite singers in his more mature years. Wonderful picture."

- A. Yeo

"I love my drawing! Paula’s skill and talent truly captures the essence of the individual! I will cherish my drawing always!"

- Nancy Kriparos

Be different - wear a totally unique t-shirt printed from my own original ink drawings.

I'm now offering a large and growing collection of unique t-shirts made from my own ink drawings. Find something you love in my shop. Themes include famous faces, humour, weird stuff and cute designs for children and babies.